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WE BUY CALCULATORS FOR CASH.   Click for details.



Single items can be shipped in a padded or bubble mailer/envelope which are available at Walmart, Office depot, Office Max etc, or you may find a used one that you can reuse by removing the old shipping label or covering it with ours.

If you accept our offer we will send you a link where you can print our Free pre-paid mailing label and tape securely on to the package with clear tape.

We strongly suggest and pay for you put a delivery confirmation number on your shipment when you mail it. A delivery confirmation number will cost you less than a dollar but will require a trip to the Post Office.

We insure your shipment to the full quote price so long as it has a delivery confirmation number on it.

If you shipment gets lost or damaged in the mail you will still be paid in full if you can provide us with a delivery confirmation number.

If you decide not to put a delivery confirmation number on your shipment we can’t insure it, but you can drop it in any Post Office Mail Box or hand it to the Mail Carrier.